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Our qualified staff are able to provide your property with scheduled testing and servicing to ensure all your fire extinguisher needs are correctly installed to meet current Australian Standards and will function if required to be used.

Exit & Emergency Lights

Clearly visible exit and emergency signs can save lives. People panic, or smoke and noise cause confusion. The team at Albatross Fire will ensure you have the signs you need to make any evacuation effective.

Signs with reflective surfaces need to be clean and those with lights should be tested and in good working order so they work when you need them most. If mains power is disrupted these lights must still work.

services exit and emergency lights
services fire hose reels

Fire hose reels

Fire hoses must be able to reach all parts of the building they are there to help protect. This system coverage should be part of any buildings initial approvals, but Australian standards can change. Albatross Fire can assist with the installation of Fire Hose Reels to meet your requirements and provide scheduled testing to confirm they are in good working order.

smoke alarms

If fire safety prevention measures fail, smoke alarms are the next critical step in your fire protection plan. They can detect smoke that may not be visible and provide enough warning to take effective action to keep your family or staff and building safe. The failure of a smoke alarm is a major cause of increased fire damage or loss of life due to fire.

Testing alarms on a regular basis is very cost-effective and gives you valuable peace of mind. Albatross Fire is there for you in keeping you and your building safe.

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